Wednesday, March 08, 2006


From Looking for Anne #1
Connie and I had an excellent telephone conversation this evening. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of thought and detail that she has put into this project already. Ms. Vandeveer talked to me about her vision for her websites, and we concluded that there are two projects in her mind.

  • A professional and polished website showcasing her photography and her philosophy of image making. The purpose of this site will be to display her photos and solicit new work.

  • A website that is more free form, encouraging collaboration between herself and several of her contemporaries in various art forms ranging from visual arts like photography to healing and meditative arts like yoga.

We spent some time hashing out the appearance of her photography website, and she mentioned to me that her company will be operating under the name Reverent Strange Photography. Connie has a variety of images that she is proud of taking, and she wants to narrow the field of roughly 200 images to a more usable set of about 75 photographs. Connie articulated that she will categorize images into groups such as portraits, living spaces and more experimental images. We discussed web elements and the tabbed interface that she wants us to use for navigating the images on the site, as well as other overall appearance issues. I was very pleased to hear how much detail she brought to the table regarding the layout and sizes of the images. It was clear that she has spent a significant amount of time thinking about these issues.

We also agreed that this blog is a good starting point for her collaborative website and I encouraged her to sign up for a Blogger account and to make a post here. She agreed, and I believe she will join our narrative by the weekend. In addition Connie will call Office Max and Kinkos to find out what the cost would be for having 75 images scanned and burned to CD for use on the Reverent Strange Photography website. In addition she is working with her friend Shanna to develop her logo and business card. After working very diligently to pay off her credit card debt she said that she was not excited about charging costs to her credit card.

I promised to look into the web interfaces that she had pointed me toward and to look at the coding and scripting. I am considering AJAX scripts such as to help display some of her content although I didn't mention that in our conversation. We also agreed that although we might exchange emails and words here that we would speak on the phone this weekend.

I am very exciting to be working with Ms. Vandeveer.

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