Saturday, March 11, 2006


Connie sent me an email last night seeking some clarification on the process of making a post here. She wrote:
Apparently I created the blog account by accident yesterday - either the computer here or the site was having trouble so I wasn't sure I even created an account.... nor do I have any idea what my name or password or any such thing is...
So, how the heck do I post to the blog?

This means that the next post you see here will most likely be hers.
A note about some if the images that I have been posting here: Several years ago Ms. Vandeveer published a series of zines under the title Looking for Anne. As a way of introducing Connie and to make the site more visually interesting, I plan to continue to post some of these snippits of her older words and images.

Yesterday I played with the appearance of this site for a while and I set a series of glyphs as the background. I was not 100% happy with the results so I moved back to the current appearance. The best thing about this Blogger interface is how easy it is to change the appearance of the site without worrying about changing the content.

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