Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Beginning of a Wonderful Collaboration

Cover image from Looking for Anne #1
Connie contacted me recently and was enthusiastic about creating a website for some of her work. We have been playing phone tag recently, but below are a few snippits of our email conversations.

I look forward to this creative process with a woman I have the utmost affection and respect for. This process started on January 7 of this year when Connie wrote:
I'm ready to take you up on your offer to start my website, you still up for doing it? I have the layout for my business card but I don't want to print it because I know I'll want a website/email thing to go with it. Whatcha think?

I responded very positively the next day and we have been playing phone and email tag since. I was excited to get her most recent email where she wrote:
I just did an initial sort/stock of every photo in my house.... Funny, I feel as though my life has just flashed before my eyes. Turns out I have more than enough photos to get started:) I was actually a little worried.

So, I have ideas...lots of ideas. Mainly what I'd like to say right now is that I'd really like this to be a collaboration - truly - between the two of us. I'd love for our ideas to fuel and build on each other. I want the website to reflect our friendship as much it shows my personality and my photography.

I'd like to put work on the website that friends have done so I'd like to have links to their websites (the few who have them). I'd also like to have a link to some of my favorite photographers.

I know I'm really excited right now and many of my ideas will never see daylight or are too big for this project but the juice is flowing.

With our eyes open wide and ready to begin the adventure we start this blog.

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