Sunday, July 17, 2011

Gang Of Five. I spent so much time with these kids that it's difficult to grasp that I barely know them at all now.

from left: Edith, me, Shannon, Larry, Misie. 1982?

I called mom this morning.  I'm going home.

Figuratively speaking, I ran away from home when I was 19. I was a kid when I came here, my cousins and my brothers too.  Each of has taken a different route into our (mostly) adult lives and many of us have lived all over somewhere away from home base Illinois.  But, as fate will have it, in two weeks, we'll all be in the same state again.

If I am honest about why I'm moving home I will say that it is to help my mom with a few things but it is also a hope that I can get to know these kids again.  I have no idea what makes them tick.  If they are like me then that which made them tick as an adolescent has changed a bit. Maybe we didn't know each other so well as kids, maybe it's more a familiarity that I hope to regain. I don't know.

It has been a slower realization with my extended family but the more I think about moving home the more I realize how much I've missed and how much I miss them. 

Two Boxes
by Shel SIlverstein

Two boxes met upon the road.
Said one unto the other,
"If you're a box,
And I'm a box,
Then you must be my brother.
Our sides are thin,
We're cavin' in,
We must get no thinner."
And so two boxes, hand in hand,
Went home to have their dinner.

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