Monday, January 04, 2010

It's time for that big ol' party!!!

* * *
Saturday January 16th
8-ish 'til whenever-ish
My apartamente
* * *
pPLEASE bring some
music that you like
'cuz i need to boogie down

i am not technologically advanced at this time; assume that burned cd's may not play at my house;)


Luciana said...

Bon Anniversaire! :) LS

conniewonnie13 said...

Thanks Luciana!! I'm starting to be quite excited for this party - it has a good feeling about it:))

Anonymous said...

YAY!! Fun times! Connie's birthday!!! Waahoo!! I'll be there! xo Jen

conniewonnie13 said...

Yaaayy!! Jen:))) SO happy to hear that you can come and play:))

al said...

Party party with you me hearty! Arrr... I'll be gettin' thar when the winds of Bryant Lake have stilled their gustin'! All me love, luv!
xo Al

conniewonnie13 said...

arrgh, i mightily look farward to your arrgin' good company. yar!! xo