Monday, November 24, 2008

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This post is from Owl's Daughter, a blog that I frequently visit.

One’s destination is never a place,
but a new way of seeing things.

-- Henry Miller

What a perfect card for one of the busiest travel weeks of the year!

The Eights of the Tarot are about abilities, self-directed action, and moving ahead. And of course, Wands are about fire, action, growth, and energy. Here we have a powerful image of eight Wands, flying like arrows, all in alignment and balance. The Wands are approaching the Earth, so the Fire is finding its goal.

As people travel this week for the Thanksgiving holidays, this seems a most auspicious card, particularly those who may be flying to their destinations. And besides literal travel, if you've been experiencing other blocks, particularly in communications or creative projects, the Eight of Wands indicates a sudden opening that can clear away the hindrances that may have been frustrating you.

Arthur Waite describes this card as the Arrows of Love, so this is a fortunate card for beginning or deepening a love affair, with proposals offered and accepted. And as this card is associated with Mercury in Sagittarius, perhaps you are in the midst of a situation that requires (or is the result of) rapid information being distributed.

If there is a goal you are aiming for, you are fast approaching its completion. But it would not be surprising if you are also finding yourself a little too busy right now. Simplifying and streamlining will do wonders for your energy. This is not the time to be distracted, but to put all your energy towards your most important priorities. Serendipity and synchronicity are working in your favor, so pay attention to coincidences and luck.

The Eight of Wands points out that life may be speeding up, but if you can stay focused, there is much that this can offer you. Just remember to be clear about your intention and what the goal you desire really is.

Take aim, and throw all your energy into the process, for these are the arrows of good fortune and success is in the air.

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