Sunday, March 28, 2010

why soothing my torn up throat with hot soup feels like a day late and a dollar short...

two weeks ago this wednesday i came down with what i've been calling the octopus ailment.

i got sick in my throat with what felt like and continues to feel like an octopus has clamped itself to my throat and it's holding on for dear life. there are some theories that suggest all illness is rooted in an energetic misdirection or malfunction... that our bodies become ill because "a," "b," or "c" has not been sufficiently "dealt with." i'm not sure what all of the intricacies and nuances of this theory involve but i have turned this idea over many times in the last few years as i acclimated to the needs of what i'll refer to as an allergy. the only reason i mention this is that in my search for a "cure" to said allergy i have come to the conclusion that modern/western medicine is fairly useless in some regards.

so. this octopus has me thinking: do i go to the doctor? do i ride it out? is there a median in here somewhere? when do i get my quiet, sleepy nights back? it sucks to feel impatient with my body.

i might think that not expressing myself has drawn me into the octopus' clench... i have said to my body once if not a hundred times, i hear you, i got the message, can i have my health back please? but it seems that my body hasn't gotten my memo yet.


fremenine said...

This is very interesting to me... I've experienced something similar--a clamping down, you might say--which I've attributed to muscle tension, stress, emotional and/or psychological distress, air pollution, fluttering chakras, spiritual evolution, cosmic realignment, suppressed songs... (One of my sisters has had some similar symptoms, as well.) I actually wrote a post a couple weeks ago which I did not publish about the emotional/allergic aspects, but there's much more than that going on. Seems like maybe we should get tgoether and talk sometime.

conniewonnie13 said...

thank you for writing this emma... i was just feeling like i shouldn't have put this post up that it sounded a little too much like wining but i am glad that it has touched something in you. i would very much like to get together and talk.