Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fun With Digital Baby!!

so my brother sent me this fun little bugger!! he kinda collects all kinds of stuff 'n stuff; he's a tinkerer and a mechanic who likes to play with and disassemble and put together stuff 'n stuff. a while back i was lamenting my non-sufficient fundage for the purchase of a digital camera and this little zinger showed up in the mail one day. i don't know if he realizes just what kind of phenomenally fan-frickin-tastic fun this little booger is going to bring into my world (and yours)!!! thank you thank you thank you!!

so many projects i've wanted to pursue are now deliciously within reach, namely the 365 project, which is a self portrait a day. and all the random stuff i'd love to show you around my apartment that often inspires me to write and draw and play!!! now this photo blog is gonna get back to the photo part. i'll be scanning in some older work too. yee haa sucka's!! by the way, if a piece of work is created in 2000 and marinates for a while (by 'a while' i mean anywhere from several hours to many years), what is it's 'completion' date? when a painter paints a painting, when a lithographer finishes a run, the work is signed. when a photographer captures an image on film, say in 1994, but does not show or print it until 2010 what is the date it should bear?

how. much. fun.


Zee said... belated response to the question in this post...I write poetry and the date a poem is finished after many many drafts, can vary wildly, but to me the date that matters is the date it was conceived, the date of inspiration, no matter when it makes it into public domain. Perhaps this is so for photos too? Just a thought.

conniewonnie13 said...

Zee- I appreciate your comment... I'm wondering if maybe, for me, it's important to include both dates? To call myself an "artist" seems fraudulent somehow... my work is always so long in coming that I feel perpetually out of date. When I think of any instance where I would show my portfolio or tell anyone about what I do all I can think is that my work is stale because it sits for so long from the time it is conceived.

I guess I'm comparing myself to the artists I find in magazines and galleries... its all current work, as in the last year or two. Why should I compare myself at all?

conniewonnie13 said...

I never really gave voice to this fear: I'm not a real artist because my work is not current. Hmph. Screw that. It's my life and my work. I make up the rules:))

"I take myself back fear!"

Thanks Zee:)